Re-incarnate coffee tables are designed and manufactured to the highest standard using computer aided design and high precision CNC manufacturing.


Each product is custom built to the customers requirements. This ensures that each product is truely personal to each customer. Whether it is matching the base to the customers own car or motorbike, or etched number plate or vehicle logo's on the glass top, anything is possible.


The following options are available on all coffee tables:

Base colour and height

Glass diameter and tint

Aluminium finish (polished, anodised or painted)

Brake disc and caliper

Base stickers

Glass etching

LED lighting (fitted inside wheel or in base)


Due to the custom nature of the products, delivery usually takes around 4-8 weeks for each order.



Re-incarnate coffee tables are covered by design registration No.4006380.
International Design Classification LOC (07) C1. 06-03

Registered Design No. 6058922